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The Grand Luxxe Residence Club is a cashless resort meaning you do not use cash on the property. You provide a credit card when you check-in and sign the bills with your name and room number. Each person in the room is required to sign in and you will be asked to sign on an electronic signature pad so your signature can be checked when you sign your bills. You settle your account when you leave. Be sure to check with your bank to see if they charge a foreign service fee for charges outside your home country.

The money in Mexico is Pesos and the sign for pesos is the same as our $ sign. When you are looking at prices if it is $240 it is really about $13.33 USD because currently (2019) around 18 pesos per US dollar. Since the rate varies, it is easier to move the decimal over one place for a quick calculation.

Mexico itself is a cash society. Because you are in a tourist zone, you can use credit cards at most larger restaurants but don't expect to use cards at all establishments. You can obtain pesos from the resort or out of the banking machines or local banks. The resort and local banks will require your passport to exchange money.

Mexicans love to barter. The street vendors and beach vendors will start at a price and they do expect you to barter with them but be reasonable with your offer.


When you arrive at the airport you will need to have your custom papers filled out and in your hand before you get to customs. Best to do this on the plane before you disembark. Guards will not let you into the customs area unless your documents have been completed. Once your passport is stamped you walk to the luggage area.

There are restrooms along the way. After you collect your luggage, it will go through a scanning machine. Then you hand in your long form and push a button. If the light is red, you will be subject to a secondary search, if green then you just turn left and go through the doors.

Keep your baggage claim ticket, if your luggage gets delayed or lost you will need that ticket, and even if you do get your luggage, sometimes there is someone checking to make sure that your luggage claim ticket is the same number as the number on your luggage.

BEWARE OF THE TIMESHARE ZONE - As you walk to the transportation section, you will go through an area where there are individuals who will try to talk you into visiting their timeshare by offering a free taxi to a hotel, free drinks, free entertainment, etc. You should ignore these people and continue walking through to the transportation section where you will find the agent who will handle your transportation to the Grand Luxxe resort.


This is especially true if you have a connecting flight. If two of you are traveling together, lay out your clothes and split the piles in half, (ie. half swimwear, underwear, tops, bottoms, shoes etc.) then pack half your clothes in each other's bag. That way if one piece does get lost or delayed, when you arrive at your destination you will each have clothes to wear until the luggage arrives.

What ever you put out on the bed to take, take half of it and put it back in your closet. Here's the deal, most of the day you are in a swimsuit, in the evening some clothes that are only on for a few hours, so can be used at least twice. Mexico is very laid back. As long as you have nice casual clothes on, you can go anywhere. Don't worry about bringing 4 pairs of shoes. Flip flops and a pair of sandles work just fine.


The sun can be quite intense, so bring along sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses.


Every employee on the property has a very good command of English, although it is always nice to at least say hello, goodbye, please and thank you in Spanish. The Mexicans really appreciate it if you try Spanish and are always very helpful if you don't have the right pronounciation.


There is free wifi at the resort. Also they have computers at a wi-fi cafe for a fee.


The resort has a gourmet market on the property where you can purchase grocery, fruit and vegetable staples at La Alacena, as well as
Croquant (Assorted sweet rolls, sourdough, European style bread, brioche, baguettes, danishes, and other fresh-baked breads),
Costa De Cacao chocolatier(Exquisite signature pieces, conceived with the magic and artistry of the French chef),
De Flor En Flor flower shop,
La Botica Pharmacy (Find an assorted variety of medicines and personal care products for any need),
El Librero bookstore (a good book is always great company while lying on the beach),
Vid a Vid Wine Cellar (More than 150 variety of wines to chose from and other liquors),
Le Filet Delicatessen (a fine selection of meat and poultry in additon to a complete mix of cold cuts, sausage, and ready to go prepared foods),
La Creme De La Creme Dairy (creamy cravings, and fresh gourmet dairy products), and frozen yogurt.

The building also houses The Atrium. Here you will find everything you need to dress for your vacation in style from exclusive clothing and swimsuit brands to cosmetics, jewelry, shoes and accessories, and a jewelry store. You can find the golf pro shop at the back of the Residence building.


In each suite you will have a robe to borrow, free slippers, a hair dryer, shampoo, body cream, soaps, towels, coffee maker, fridge, kitchen with stove top, dishes, cutlery, wine glasses, etc. Each room has TV in living area and bedroom and a plunge pool on the balcony.

In each bedroom closet there is a small safe where you can store your wallets, passports etc.

Mexico uses the same electric plugs as the USA and Canada.

Each bedroom has an alarm clock. Check to be sure it has been turned off so you aren't surprised early one morning.


Daily housekeeping is provided. They clean, make beds, etc. but do not wash dishes. If there is something you need, like extra towels, all you have to do is ask. Please tip the housekeepers daily as they do have days off and sometimes in the middle of your week they may be moved to a different floor, so then they would miss out on their daily tip.

There is a nightly turn down service, where your room is set up for the evening, fresh towels if required are left and garbages emptied. We also leave tips for the turn down service, but not as much as the day housekeeping. They do leave a chocolate near the bed.

If there is something wrong in your room, call the concierge and they will have maintenance replace or repair.


There is a laundry area on the floor of the hotel. Ask your concierge for a laundry card. There is a deposit required and a charge for the wash and dry that includes the soap powder and fabric softener. When you return the laundry card you get your deposit back on your account.

If you require dry cleaning, inside the closet is a form to complete and leave with the maid who will send your items off to clean as requested with a return the next day. The Loft and 4 bedroom Residence have washer and dryer facilities in the unit but do not supply soap powder.


The resort has a filtration system so it is safe to have ice in your drinks, drink the hotel water, eat the salads, fruits etc. at the resort. Off the premises, it basically holds true unless you are at a roadside stand. Then drink the beer or canned soda. It's always good to bring some imodium and pepto because your systems can go a little off because you are in a different area.


There is cell phone service in Mexico, but unless you have an international plan, it is very expensive for roaming and usage fees.


You will not receive a bill at any restaurant until you ask for the bill. Mexicans are very hospitable and they think it is rude to bring a bill before it is asked for. So remember you need to ask for it. The request is: La Quenta or make a motion with your hand like you are signing a check.


They do have a meal plan at the hotel. Check with your concierge. Each ticket books includes breakfast coupons so if you don't eat breakfast, this may not work for you. Our tip is to use the breakfast ticket at the buffet which is open until noon. That way you can do a 'brunch' and save.


At each pool area there is an Activity Center which has books that people have left for others to read. If you are bringing down a couple to read then try and bring some down that you don't mind leaving behind.


The resort has a great place for nightly music, dancing, and entertainment called the Santuario. The Santuario is a bar and lounge and music venue with extraordinary first class happenings with singers, folklore dancers, live music, acrobats and more variety. You can relax and enjoy delicious cocktails, classic drinks and appetizers. Be sure to check the time of the 2 for 1 drinks.

If you want to go off property, be aware that you are in Mexico and can be considered an easy mark. This is especially true as the resort bracelet tells others where you are staying and that you have money.


The Spatium has a hot tub area, sauna and steam room that you can use, with showers, towels, lockers etc.

The gym hase all the machines, weights etc. and require sneakers.


Remember to make sure that you have out of the country health insurance.

There is a Doctor on the hotel property at all times, so if something does happen or if you do get sick it just takes a quick phone call.


The resort is amazing, lots to do and lots not to do! Pools, gardens to wander around, lazy river to laze in, wave pool, waterslide, and beach to wander along. Lots of restaurants on the property and off the property. Bus stop into town within walking distance from front gate and of course you can always take a taxi into town. There is also a great tour company - Vallarta Adventures with an onsite office. We get a deal on the trips so if you want to book something, wait until you see us at the hotel if you want to save some money.

Water polo
Water Aerobics
Spanish class
Salsa Lessons
Arts and Crafts
Guacamole Making Class

Tour items include:
Whale Watching
Sport Fishing
Sunset Sailing
Swim with the Dolphins
Horseback Riding
Bus Tours
Luxury Sailing
Scuba Diving
ATV Tours
Canopy Tours


All good things come to an end. It is advisable to get to the airport about 2 hours before your flight. The traffic is heavy and may take a bit of time to reach the airport. Also, the lines to get through customs can be long during the busy season.